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2018 was a good year for FEET. Having got together while all studying at university, the Coventry five piece swiftly signed with Q Prime Management, who got them well acquainted with Yala! Records. Petty Thieving was their first release – a loose jawed sauntering brawl that nods at Shame, The Magic Gang and The Fall. Now they’re recording their debut album, while making time for a U.K. and Irish tour.


To kickstart it all, Eat your own Ears and Cool Brother have teamed up to present the band’s first show of the year. Come on down to The Shacklewell Arms this Thursday for music from Meggie Brown, Chappaqua Wrestling, PVA and a headline slot from the FEET boys themselves.


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How are you feeling about your forthcoming Eat your own Ears x Cool Brother show at The Shacklewell Arms? First of the year. Are. You. Ready?

Should be a good gig, we’ve been rehearsing for four hours a day, so if anything, we should remember what the songs sound like. Also it’ll be the first time anyone has heard several of the finished tracks from the album. It’s, therefore, very important for everyone to keep an eye out for any Instagramming millennials… We’ve got a mate there with a pair of pliers if any iPhones need a clamping.


Speaking of which, I hear you’ve been in the studio recording your debut album! How’s it sounding?

It’s all alrighty – the most important part of the process is the psychological effect of our routine. We all get up at sunrise, get into our work clothes (suits), make our packed lunches and head off, kill off the musician slacker clichés and get down to some hard hustlin’. If the day’s becoming a little exhausting then the odd can of Gordon’s gin is perfect to take the edge off. As a result of these precautions, we’re all feeling pretty positive about the end results. 


What can we expect? Can you give us a teaser of some of the lyrics?

We’ve sort of mixed flash dance with MC Hammer shit. Some lyrics from one of the more abstract moments are:

Full to the brim in a brine filled can…

I am Hot Dog

A bun I long for in my sausage heart

I try to cry but you can’t tell me apart










Where abouts is the studio?

Top secret. Cannae disclose!


What have you been listening to in-between recordings?

Soulja Boy (Harry’s 307 has it stuck on repeat in the CD player), Axeman.


Your U.K. and Irish tour is upon us too. What are your tour bus essentials? 

Eagles Doc, Fifa 13, Friday 13th, Evil Dead 2, Eggy Bread, Jar of Harry’s tears (wah).


Got any good tips for passing the time?

Being so horrible to each other that bangers are conceived as a result.


Have you made any big plans for stop offs in-between your U.K. and Irish shows?

Gonna climb up Arthur’s Seat. 


You started the band while you were all at uni. Was it a struggle touring while finishing your courses?

Easier for some than others. Harry, halfway through our pervious tour, discovered that he in fact had an exam on the day of one of the upcoming shows. He did not finish uni. 


What’s been your favourite venue to perform at so far?

Quadrant Club, Coventry. Some time after our best show, the authorities suspected something a wee bit fishy with the bar. The owner released a sex tape and fled to Benidorm where we've heard they have opened a British bar. R.I.P. Quadrant.


How was it working with Felix White of Yala?

For the majority of the time, Callum didn’t realise he was in The Maccabees – so when he realised, Harry dropped him right under the bus and we all shared one of the best awkward silences of 2017. Aside from that, Yala were instrumental in making our Petty Thieving release a most successful one, and we owe them at least a couple cans for it. 


What are you listening to at the minute?

Okay, we’ll do one each. Democracy ’n’ that…

Ben: Matt Maltese – Less and Less. It’s copyable.

George: The Eagles – The Eagles. It’s the best thing the Eagles ever did.

Oli: Preoccupations – Unconscious Melody. Bit of tune, say no more.

Callum: Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing. Filthy!

Harry: Chas n Dave – Rabbit. Fuck knows.



Join FEET on tour.


10:  London: Shacklewell Arms – EYOE & Cool Brother Recommend

16-19: Groningen: Eurosonic Festival 


27:   Portsmouth: Edge of the Wedge

28:   Brighton: Latest Music Bar


01:   Sheffield: Leadmill

02:   Manchester: Gullivers

06:   Bristol: Louisiana

07:   London: The Lexington - BBC Music Introducing

08:   Coventry: The Tin Music & Arts

09:   Birmingham: The Bristol Pear

12:   Newcastle: Think Tank Underground

13:   Glasgow: Broadcast

14:   Belfast: Voodoo

15:   Dublin: Whelan’s Upstairs



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