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Photography: Chris Saunders. (Left to right: Dean Honer, Adrian Flanagan, Lias Saoudi, Mairead O'Connor)




Made up of members from both Fat White Family and The Eccentronic Research Council, The Moonlandingz are your worst nightmare – but you won’t want to wake up any time soon.  


Branding themselves a fictional band, The Moonlandingz resemble comic strip villains, conjured up in a reject child’s caldron of imagination and disdain. Much like their work ethic, their attire does not tire. With washing up gloves, glitter and slices of Warburton bread for bangles, they’re ghoulish. Throughout their body of work, malevolent smiles sneer malnourished ideas, beguilingly. Frontman, Jonny Rocket (AKA Fat White Family's Lias Saoudi) vacantly recites vocals on their latest release, Blak Hanz, as if chanting a rite, while siren synths clash together like shards of broken glass. Flâneur the famine, grovel in the glitter and right your wrongened selves.


Read our interview with The Moonlandingz' Adrian Flanagan below.




Photography: Laura Merrill




Cool Brother: How did the lineup for The Moonlandingz come together?

Adrian Flanagan: We were made up on someone's allotment, using clothes from the unwanted items section from a local charity shop. Chuck in a bit of glitter, a blind makeup artist and a child's blowup paddling pool filled with glue... Then we kind of just got in the pool naked and came out looking like this. 


CB: You once claimed to be a fictional band, featuring on The Eccentronic Research Council’s 2015 concept album. What inspired The Moonlandingz to make music real-time? 

AF: We wrote some Moonlandingz songs in real-time to accompany a mainly spoken word concept album entitled, Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine... I'm Your Biggest Fan! It's a critically acclaimed masterpiece – you should enlighten yourself with it some time. We are still a fictional band.


CB: Have you found that the Fat White Family and The Eccentronic Research Council fanbase have followed The Moonlandingz, or has everything remained quite separate?

AF: Both crowds seem to be following us. We've got really obsessive fans – a really young, spunky crowd that likes dressing up and getting naked, and balding coffin dodgers with record bags who like weird synthesizer music... We are all things to all people!


CB: What benefits or difficulties have come from bringing together musicians from bands with different sounds to form The Moonlandingz? Is there ever a squabble for creative control?

AF: The benefits are that it sounds like the sum of its parts. The difficulties are the sum of its parts. There's nowt like a good struggle to get the creative juices cascading forth. 


CB: 2017 is fast approaching and we have your debut album, Interplanetary Class Classics, to look forward to in March. What can we expect from the album? 

AF: A soundtrack to all the other people you love dying in 2017. It's a very sexy album!


CB: This Cities Undone, a track from the upcoming album, features vocals from the dream that is Yoko Ono. How did the collaboration come about?

AF: We had this cosmic psych-rock instrumental that sounded like some of the early '70s freak out stuff that Yoko did with The Plastic Ono Band. Naturally, working with Sean [Lennon], it would of been rude not to at least ask the Number One Queen of Scream to contribute to the track... Thankfully, she agreed and laid down the vocal with Sean. It's, for me, one of the best tracks on the album – her vocals are incredible. She did the whole thing in two takes. The real deal!


CB: As we patiently await the release of the new album, describe Interplanetary Class Classics in three words

AF: Interplanetary class classics!








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