getting high and going viral // interview: peach pit

Photography: Lorenzo Ottone 



Green Door Store is packed twice its capacity. Headlining for Canada Presents: Canada House at the Great Escape, Peach Pit prove to be one of North America’s most celebrated musical exports of the moment, stealing the show with ease. They’re an indie-pop mix of ‘70s cool and ‘90s nostalgia with a modern meme culture twist.


Lorenzo Ottone meets the Vancouver band to chat about their image, influences and becoming internet stars, seemingly, overnight. 



Peach Pit with their track 'Seventeen'




Lorenzo Ottone: You've got quite a distinctly youthful image. Is this intentional?
Neil Smith: People want something they can identify with easily. There are so many bands who use strict and serious faces. We have a more goofy approach to life, which I think helps people relate to us.

Chris Vanderkooy: Our friend [Lester Lyons-Hookham] is the one who picks the clothes and helps style our image. We work close with him. He's a music director in Vancouver and also designed our album cover.



Photography: Lorenzo Ottone 



LO: Did you plan to go viral, or did it just happen?
Peter Wilton: No, it just happened. A girl who's got a YouTube channel called TheLazyLazyMe picked one of our songs and included it in a playlist.
NS: She shared from the Philippines and all of a sudden, we had thousands of plays. We found out through Bandcamp. At first, we just thought it was some sort of troll [laughs].

LO: What’s with all the memes on your social pages?
NS: He’s the one really into memes [laughs and points at Mikey]

LO: You’re all about irony, but your lyrics are pretty raw at times.
CV: I think there's both fun and intimacy in our songs. Our lyrics are actually sad and deep. We want to offer a deeper level to grab.


Photography: Lorenzo Ottone 


LO: Are you influenced by Canada’s other big lo-fi indie bands?
CV: Obviously, Mac Demarco is the big name in Canada, but we do like a lot Andy Shauf. He writes about everyday life and he kinda does the same lazy music.

LO: Are you lazy yourselves?
CV: Yes, we are pretty lazy [laughs].
NS: We like smoking weed and watching TV. Our fans do too [laughs].


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