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Left: Anteros, credit: Phoebe Fox. Right: Sports Team, credit: Lauren Maccabee



London-based Sports Team are a humorous force to be reckoned with. A band of six mates, they channel tongue-in-cheek vocals, buzzing guitars and charmingly spirited British idiosyncrasies (their scandal with the South London scene will forever be in our hearts). Further turning London upside-down in a riff fuelled blaze are Anteros, a dreamy, earth-conscious four-piece who will make you dance your feelings away in a renewed flurry of self-determination and empowerment. Both fresh from supporting tours, and now preparing for subsequent headlining dates, Anteros’s Laura Hayden (vocals) speaks with Alex Rice (vocals) of Sports Team in-between studio recordings.



 Sports Team – Get Along


 Anteros – Drive On



Sports Team: We are in London at the moment recording with writers to make our new record.

Anteros: I always like writing with other people, as I don’t like getting used to writing a certain way. If there’s another person in the room, it sort of balances everything out. It’s almost like having a teacher in the classroom. 


Sports Team: You guys were all mates first, right – and then a band after?

Anteros: Yeah, Josh and I were definitely mates first. Harry auditioned for the band, bless him. I got really drunk when he came into the audition and started hurling abuse at him… But not in a creepy way! It was more in a sort of an older sister way.


Sports Team: What’s it like auditioning people?

Anteros: It’s weird, man. How do you find writing in London? I hate writing in London, as you always have to think about other stuff…. Like, laundry.


Sports Team: The last song we was did in Wales. In London, you’re very time-focused, but you get giddy when you come back. What are your parents like? Do they get it?

Anteros: My mum loves music. She would blast it on the way to school in the mornings, but my dad still hasn’t been to a gig yet. My friends back home would ask me when this ‘phase’ is gonna end. What about yours?


Sports Team: They’re supportive, but I don’t think they get it. Our friends are not big guitar music fans either, so even Annie Mac’s Hottest Record… They’re like, “What? Never heard of it…”. Radio 1 is still impressive.

Anteros: A lot of my friends have started making all these important life decisions while I’m looking at Pantone references, trying to figure out what colour our record should be. Do you have to get really involved in the creative stuff?


Sports Team: Yeah! It’s always felt quite organic. We do all of our own artwork, and the videos are done by this guy called Chris. He’s very good. Everything else, we do ourselves – sitting around on laptops. We still all live together. If you have six people in a band, you need to use them.

Anteros: I forget there’re six of you! Four’s a really good number, because it’s two and two. No one gets lost.


Sports Team: You fit on stages…

Anteros: Six must be a mission. Four fit in an Uber.


Sports Team: At Sonic this year, we had a shuttle taxi service and put Henry in a guitar case. They’re pretty on it with Ubers – it’s hard to smuggle someone in. It tends to be Henry. 

Anteros: Where are you touring in March, aside from SXSW?


Sports Team: We’re doing a full UK tour. I don’t know if you’re conscious of this as well, but we always get a bit angsty about how things will translate outside of London. We live in such a bubble.

Anteros: Interestingly enough, we get more people coming to our gigs outside of London. For some reason, Newcastle is always the first to sell out. I love the women there. I’ve probably been the coldest I’ve ever been in the UK in Newcastle  – yet the women still go out in dresses and no jackets.


Sports Team: Have you ever done an outfit change?

Anteros: No… But you should play on your band’s name by starting in massive tracksuits and changing into football shorts. What’s your favourite part of being in a band?


Sports Team: Playing live is the best thing in the world. Gallivanting around the world with six people you enjoy being with is also the dream!



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