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There aren’t many bands quite like Tangerines. Formed by frontman Gareth Hoskins in his parents’ shed, they’re a South London four piece that have been straddling the industry sidelines for a good few years now. They’re a heavenly hit of brass knuckled tenderness and unvarnished slick. Music comes naturally to the boys. Immediately accessible, their sound is timeless with a slim snaggletooth of sinister. 


When he’s not fronting Tangerines, though, Hoskins goes by the DJ name Diabloz. Mixing songs by the likes of Lindsey Buckingham, Nap Eyes and Betty Harris, his Mixcloud is a step through soul, rhythm and blues, experimental folk and beyond. Join Tangerines’ Gareth Hoskins on a car ride to nowhere, as he meddles with the tape deck.





Tangerines – 'You Look Like Something I Killed'




Where are we going?



Thereʼs room for another. Whoʼs coming with?

A stranger


Whoʼs driving?

Certainly not me, otherwise thisʼll be a short trip


Whatʼs the vehicle of choice?

Ford Capri


Got any good snacks?

No, Iʼm on a diet


Wait, whatʼs that in the glove  box?

You didnʼt see that


What did you do with the map?

I smoked it


Whyʼs it in Swedish?

Cos it tastes better


What's on the mixtape?

Ennio Morricone - Evaʼs Holy Dress

Wganda Kenya - El  Caterete

Rudy Ray Moore - The Turning Point

Little Tommy - Baby Canʼt You See

Denim - Middle of the Road

Angel Gutierrez - Eternamente

Robert Wyatt - Pigs

The Delcos - Arabia

Bob Dylan - Thunder On The Mountain

Roberto Cacciapaglia & Ann Steel - Media

Marvin Pontiac - Small Car

Singapore Chang Siao Ying - Starry Night



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