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“We spend three quarters of our waking lives together,” so claim The Britanys. Hear their music and this will hardly come as surprising news. The Brooklyn boys are as tight on record as their friendship is strong. Theyʼre a band of brothers, essentially. All living under the same Bushwick rooftop, their apartment also serves as a recording studio and rehearsal space for the foursome. Silky, bruised Lou Reed vocals trip and tease in a gutter of raspy instrumentals that howl the kind of hell we all crave. They may still await all the recognition theyʼre due, but theyʼll get there. If theyʼve surpassed living in one anotherʼs fraying pockets for this long, chances are theyʼll last a lifetime.


Hereʼs your ticket. Go on tour with The Britanys to this yearʼs SXSW festival, as they document it all on their own film cameras.






Was this your first time at SXSW?



Best band to party with and why?

My cousin, whose house we were staying in. She is a legend (not in a band though)!



Tell us a story from your trip!

On the flight down, the flight attendants noticed we were a band and gifted us each a handful of those little bottles of liquor. We got groomed though, because they said we had to sing for them in return, so we sang really shitty renditions of Frankie Valli and Beatles songs and they gave us even more free booze. Just before landing, a man who was walking down the aisle collapsed in a diabetic shock onto Jake and then after he came to, we helped him to a seat to get examined by a doctor. The flight attendants told us to find them after landing because they had a gift for us. After everyone had left the plane, we went back to receive our gift – every shooter of liquor in the cabins inventory. It set us up perfectly for a very saucy week.



What does a typical day of touring consist of for you boys?

Touring and life at home are pretty similar because we live in the same apartment and spend three quarters of our waking lives together. I guess we just eat shittier on the road! But a typical day consists of making fun of each other. We’ll take turns roasting Lucas C for talking about his muscles and outfits, Jake for his sad college freshman diet and bedroom, Lucas L for being a silly goof and for paying for beer with nickels at our deli – and me for being overly competitive and holding everyone’s weekend plans up because I have to snack and nap before I leave the house.


What are your favourite memories of the festival?

Lucas L being a party boi all week long. Lucas busting his lip on a mic and squeezing a cactus.



 Letʼs talk about that tattoo now, if we may. How often do you get people asking it?

It’s a pretty big talking point – the other day, I made Jake show it to a group of teenagers and they all roasted him. He’s gotten equally bad ones in the past year. “Opps...I did it’s again – Britany’s Spear.” “SXSW 2017 I Shredded It Thank You Daddy” (which he was supposed to update this year, but didn’t)!


Have there been any big changes since your earlier releases last year?

There are more elements of modern production [samples and tech] incorporated in the songs and a more keyed in focus on creating timeless melodies.





Weʼve got 24 hours to spend in Brooklyn. Map out the day for us!

Wake up, we make you some coffee, maybe sit on our stoop and have a cigarette Lucas rolls for ya. Then we go to the deli on our corner for an egg sandy, eat that, digest. We’ll take you on a tour of the neighbourhood, maybe we’ll get some tacos. Then we’re going to Williamsburg to check out Rough Trade and Main Drag Music, then we’re gonna go eat at Cafe Mogador, then get a donut at Peter Pan, then we’ll go to McCarren Park, maybe kick around a soccer ball and lie down as we digest all the food we’ve crammed (it hurts). We head back to Bushwick, maybe stop into a few thrift stores on Flushing Ave, then we can go hassle our friend Ham to give us some tattoos in his apartment and let us play with him and Kelsey’s doggos. Dinner time, I’m taking you to Bamonte’s. It's a really old school Italian restaurant in Williamsburg, then we’re going to visit Lucas at the bar he works at for some bevs and free pool. Time to finish off the night with a trip to Hana for snacks/sandwiches, or Artichoke for pizza pie. If there’s energy left over, me or Jake will take turns washing you in FIFA, or we can watch It’s Always Sunny reruns.




What are you listening to at the moment?

Hold Me Oh My Darling – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Summer Breeze, Pts. 1 & 2 – The Isley Brothers

Pink + White – Frank Ocean

Lovers Rock – TV Girl

Sound of the Police – KRS One

Phoenix – No Woman (Whitney Cover)

Abba – One of Us



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