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Cool Brother will be at The Great Escape this Friday showcasing new music's very best artists from Sydney, L.A., Ontario and London. Catch sets from Scalping, The Murder Capital, Liily, Ellis, Winston Surfshirt and Weird Milk at the Cool Brother stage, housed at Green Door Store, Brighton.


Preview the artists below.



Winston Surfshirt

Winston Surfshirt – Be About You


For fans of Jungle and Toro y Moi, Winston Surfshirt are an Australian six-piece from Sydney. They are all sunshine and surf – and, as the rumours go, they're Elton John's new favourite band. Soon to embark on their highly anticipated Australian 'Baked Goods' tour, they're set to play Cool Brother's The Great Escape stage this forthcoming Friday. This might be your last chance in a while, so get down early.




SCALPING – Be About You


Did someone say techno-punk? Yes, yes, it's a thing – or at least, it is now. SCALPING released their debut single this March. It's an itching, jittering synth-ridden thing with post-punk garage roots. On stage, layers are built with entrancing, busy visuals. If you're yet to hear their music, you should see them live. As a live band, the Bristol foursome nestle in fast-paced drums, guitars, bass and keys, tight, synchronised and compact. 



The Murder Capital

The Murder Capital – Be About You


Taking influence from eighties' new wave punk, The Murder Capital are a seething, teething five piece. Hailing from Dublin, they're Ireland's answer to Shame and IDLES. Their energy is vast, heavy, visceral. Live, they're a force to be reckoned with. Frontman James McGovern has a confrontational air to his manner – not too dissimilar to Mark E. Smith's. Stalking his way around the stage, he assesses the crowd like prey. He appears not to blink. 


They've been around for little over a year – which is impressive, considering they're already selling out shows. This April, May and July sees the band play venues like Tunbridge Wells' Forum and London's Lexington. 




Liily – Toro


Liily are four Los Angeles teens from the San Fernando Valley. If you like Foals and Cage the Elephant, you'll rate these guys too. Their energy is raw. Take debut release 'Toro,' for example. According to guitarist Sam De La Torre, it was created with their live shows in mind. “We like our music to make people crazy,” he explains. “It has a lot of energy. We want to make people move. When we write something, we want it to hit really hard. If we knock people out, we’ve done our job.”




Ellis – Someone Blue


Ellis is a Frankie Cosmos, The Cure melancholy twist, entangled with lullaby vocals and eighties guitars. She released her latest single, Something Blue two weeks ago. Describing the track, Ellis (real name, Linnea Siggelkow) explains, "It’s a nostalgic song written in reflection of the first time I met somebody really significant in my life, thinking about all the things that went wrong after that first meeting. Sometimes I think back on things that should or could have happened differently." Instrumentally, Siggelkow and her band have taken a more experimental direction too – adding trumpets and saxophones into the mix. "They’re pretty subtle, but they’re in there," the Ontario frontgirl says. 



Weird Milk

Weird Milk – This Close


Weird Milk are a hazy eyed Sixties merry-go-round, taking influence from Beach Boys, The Beatles' Yellow Submarine – and the more recent likes of Trudy and the Romance. They hit the scene in 2016, and have recently released new single, Anything You Want – their poppiest track yet. 



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