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Start at Talking Heads’ Speaking In Tongues and take a left via The Best of Saint Etienne. Pass Pills ’n’ Thrills and Bellyaches en route, and keep going. The Orielles’ pockets are full of musical influences. Maybe it’s the spiky, glossy ESG inspired Henry’s Pocket that draws you in at first. Perhaps it’s their Ostinato Bass riffing track, Old Stuff, New Glass. Whatever stop-off takes your highest fancy, you may just find it’s sounding like The Orielles that makes you want to stay. Despite their well-versed knowledge of what sounds good, the Halifax four-piece remain musically their own. Esme, Henry, Sid and Al are originals – a cut above the rest. They also seem like fun – and we like fun. So, we handed them a disposable camera to document their first UK tour of the year. Squeeze into Sid’s suitcase, as the band capture it all on film.



 The Orielles – 'Old Stuff New Glass'



How’s the tour going so far?

Really good. The weather has been amazing! It’s definitely helped lift the morale and keep things chill… The shows have been great too. They started off a little mellow – quite a lot of the band were ill. Esme especially… she had a cold and was feeling really bad for a few days, so it took a few dates to fully get into the swing of things. And tour life generally is pretty full on anyway – abusing the rider a bit too heavily, things like that, it does take its toll!





What does your rider look like?

So, we usually have the standard beers and stuff – gin and tonic too, definitely. Hummus, bread, tortillas! We make a habit of asking for a few random things too, which some venues give and some don’t. For instance, we always ask for a disposable camera but so far only one venue has given us one!



Tell us a story from the tour.

Hmm! Okay, so, the other night in Bristol we got invited out to this bar afterwards called Cosies and it really was the cosiest bar we’ve ever been to. They were playing dub and reggae, it ended up being a really bizarre night, but fun! The last time we went out in Bristol was a few months ago when we toured with The Magic Gang.




Do you have much time for culture on tour, or is it all work?

We like to try and find as much time as possible for culture – or even just to have a wander around, going to find charity shops, shopping, things like that. To be honest though, now we’re kind of at the stage where we have a much bigger production, so setting up takes a lot longer than it used to, so we have less time.


What’s your ideal night out?

This would probably change for each member – but, personally, I like more chilled ones. I’d go to a nice bar that plays funk and soul and have a little bit of a boogie – but definitely not too much of a late night.





Who’s the biggest joker on tour?

Probably Henry, I'd say! He usually gets quite drunk after the show.


Which band would you most like to tour with?

A band called Altın Gün from Amsterdam. They’re like a Turkish inspired psychedelic folk group. We all travelled to see them play in Utrecht, as they’ve never played here in England before. They’re just a brilliant, fun band. Definitely my favourite kind of music! 




What’s the best festival you’ve played?

I think probably either Latitude or End of the Road. They were both super fun… Latitude, just because the weather was incredible. We swam in the lake all day and stuff. End of the Road was great because it was one of the biggest shows we've ever played. We played second to last, just under the headliners, in front of about three-thousand people in a tent. It was crazy! Hopefully one day we will play Glastonbury.




Finally, name one item you can’t do without on the road.




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