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Weird Milk are sepia tone surf in a land of concrete skyline traffic. Hailing from the capital, the London four-piece combine influences from The Lemon Twigs, The Beach Boys and Rex Orange County. With shuffling riffs, loose vocals and keys, they've done a good job of mixing old with the new. Each release evokes vintage nostalgia.


Speaking ahead of their latest single Anything You Want, the band explain: “The aim was to create a song of upbeat pop structure that sounded expansive and punchy in terms of production. With the verse lyrics matching this feel, with the idea of having anything you want, juxtaposed with a repeating chorus of being at home and sleeping all weekend. These two notions act almost as a conversation of call and response”. 


Cool Brother have joined forces with The Great Escape this year, bringing forth the best of 2019's new musical acts to The Cool Brother stage. Join Weird Milk, along with Winston Surfshirt, Scalping, The Murder Capital, Liily and Ellis this Friday on the Cool Brother stage – held at Green Door Store. 


Friday tickets for this year's The Great Escape festival have sold out. However, 3 day tickets for this Thursday, Friday and Saturday are available to order here



Weird Milk – Anything You Want 



How are you feeling about playing Cool Brother’s Great Escape stage this year? Are you ready? Are you steady?

All very excited I think, definitely ready and hopefully steady. Thanks for having us!


Is it your first festival of the year?

Not quite - we played at When in Manchester festival recently, which was a lot of fun. 


What other 2019 festivals are you playing?

We don’t have any other festivals booked at the moment - we’re working on an EP so we’re writing and recording... but we‘ll definitely be playing more shows. 


What else do you wanna get up to while you’re in Brighton over the weekend?

That’s an exciting thought indeed, probably a few pints and a swim in the channel - but in a safer order. 


Name one festival essential you'll be taking along with you.

Disposable camera and daisy chain tiara.


Who are you most excited to see live?

I would like to see Sports Team, The Nude Party and Fat White Family. 


How do you like your fish and chips?

Served in the page of a newspaper.


Tell us more about Weird Milk. Where did it all begin? What does the future hold? What’s what? Who’s who?

It began when a few of us moved to London to do the music thing. Charlie (drums, vocals) and Zach (guitar, vocals) were playing in a band together before moving to London. Alex (guitar, vocals) also moved to London at a similar time - and, soon after, we started rehearsing together. We began playing gigs around London and writing songs together and later on recruited Joe ‘Blue’ Moyle on the keys. I hope the future holds plenty more of the same.


Your sound is quintessentially spring. Was this a conscious effort of yours while recording?

I think spring is a season we’re all fond of the same way anyone is and a lot of the music we like has that kind of spring/summer feel to it. So whether or not it’s conscious, I think it does make it’s way into most of our songs in one way or another. 


You’ve certainly got that retro Beach Boys-esque style on lock-down. What were you listening to while writing and recording your latest release, Anything You Want?

You know, I’m not sure whether we were listening to anything that had a particular influence on the song itself. We just wanted to create something that sounded more contemporary in structure and melody - but which still had the DNA of our ‘60s influences in there too. 


How’s the reception been so far?

I think it’s generally been well-received! It seems like there’s been a positive response. 


Your press shots really go with that whole sixties feel too. Who took them?

We’re lucky to work with a great photographer we do a lot of our shots with called Timothy Casten. He’s our well-trusted lens man. 


What else have you got in the summer '19 pipeline?

We’re going to be releasing another song very soon, so keep an eye out for that. Also more gigs, more songs. Maybe a video...



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Friday tickets for this year's The Great Escape festival have sold out. However, 3 day tickets for this Thursday, Friday and Saturday are available to order here


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